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Follow these easy advices on how to produce a better quality ad and move your advert up the search engine rankings.


Advert Tips

Keep your advert title short, snappy and to the point. Make it original to catch the eye but also make sure you are clear about what you are selling.

Make your advert unique. Study other ads in the category selling similar products and make yours as different as possible.

Be descriptive. Ensure you make your advert a good length to include all important information about the product you're selling. Try to think of questions a prospective buyer would want to know about your product and provide answers in your description. The character allowance for online ads is unlimited.

Make yourself approachable. This will help engage the audience and make the prospective buyers chose your ads over all the others.

Use a good quality photograph. Your chances of a response from prospective buyers will more than double. You can place up to 1 photo for each ad, at the moment.

Invite prospective buyers to contact you for further information. Always be willing to honestly answer questions about what you're selling.

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